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Adding to Your Financial Growth and Strength

Our Principles

We believe our clients uniquely benefit from our Fiduciary Capital Advisory Principles, setting us apart from many of our peers:

  1. Acting as a fiduciary and serving only clients' best interests.

  2. Independent & unbiased approach by our partners, aligning interests with clients.

  3. Enduring relationships built on integrity, discretion, and service.

  4. Proven and dedicated client teams led by a partner, that integrate independent, local, and global knowledge.

  5. ​Assigning great importance to client priorities to grow business interests and build capital.

  6. Best-in-class third-party client asset custody to insure transparency and safety of client assets.

  7. Offering a simple and transparent fee structure and not working on commission like brokers and salespeople.

Our Clients

  • Individuals and families

  • Successful entrepreneurs

  • Business owners​

  • Real estate operators

  • Qualified and non-qualified retirement plans

  • Foundations, endowments, trusts​

How We Are Different

  • Big-Picture view, Long-term focus

  • Fiduciary advice, Unconflicting Relationships

  • Personal attention, Institutional resources

  • Customized solutions, Tailored Execution

  • Independent firm, Partnership owned

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Our Approach

Your financial picture is like a mosaic - a coherent picture when all the pieces fit properly together. An important part of our role is ensuring that the fit is there.

​​INDIVIDUALIZED STRATEGY: Following a detailed financial strategy discussion, we establish a customized investment policy statement including an asset allocation strategy reflecting your goals, tolerance for risk, & cash flow needs.

FUNDAMENTAL INVESTING : We believe one single strategy is not appropriate given varying objectives, tolerance for risk, changing markets, and a volatile global environment.

ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY: We are transparent in every aspect of our client relationships, including complete disclosure regarding the fees for our investment services. 

INSTITUTIONAL RESOURCES & TECHNOLOGY: We rely on a best-in-class suite of resources and technology tools in order to offer asset management advice. ​

our story

Our Founding Partners

Armen A. Grigorian, Managing Partner
Curtis E. Hollowell, Managing Partner​

​​We are a partnership-owned independent asset management and advisory firm, driven by an entrepreneurial vision, innovation, and independence.  

We were founded to help manage financial strategy and assets of a successful entrepreneur and his family with extensive property and business interests. 

Today we serve a larger group of individuals and families, entrepreneurs, and organizations.​