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Our cash investment strategy is executed through a well-diversified institutional-class portfolio that aims to preserve capital, provide high liquidity, and to generate a positive absolute return, while attempting to avoid instances of negative total return over extended periods of time (typically, over rolling 6-month time periods). The Strategy owns 400 to 700 credits with most positions accounting for 0.08% to 0.5% of portfolio's market value.

The Strategy's investments are primarily focused in lower-duration notes and bonds issued by domestic and foreign corporations and financial institutions and U.S. Government, Government agency and Government guaranteed issuers. 

Did you know that most Fortune 500 companies invest bulk of their cash holdings, yielding 2-3% annually? 

Are you aware that you could do the same, instead of getting near 0% on your bank and broker cash deposits?

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  •  FDIC insured cash balances and CDs
  • Money market funds
  • Ultra-short & short-term bond portfolios
  • Free domestic and international wires, ACHs, debit cards, no ATM fees
  • Personal account executive
  • Liquidity analysis and cash flow forecasting advisory​
  • Network of 23 branches in Southern California and New York City area, plus 110 nationwide  

cash management


Invest your cash to balance capital preservation, liquidity, and yield with our customized cash management strategies for companies, family offices, foundations, and individuals.